Random Clock Film Productions

Monday, 28 September 2015

Mona and the Stations of the Cross: the Final Rehearsal

The last rehearsal for Mona and the Stations of the Cross took place on Saturday, September 26th. Over three hours, director John Perivolaris and lead actress Miranda Langley workshopped the screenplay, shooting script and storyboard of the film.

"When Miranda began acting out the scene, you could tell she had done her homework," says John. "She underwent a complete transformation, and still was at all times aware of what the story calls for. At one point, she took a complicated three-shot segment and streamlined it into a single, more cohesive shot, all through her performance."

Like the chemistry between performers, a natural rapport between actor and director is an essential part of a film's pre-production, according to John. "It's a common mistake among beginning filmmakers to underestimate the creative value of bouncing ideas around with actors. This requires good chemistry between people, and in that regard I am very fortunate to have Miranda on board this film."

Mona and the Stations of the Cross begins principal photography on October 3rd, 2015.

John Perivolaris goes through the script to Mona and the Stations of the Cross with actress Miranda Langley
Random Clock has wrapped up the rehearsal phase for upcoming short film Mona and the Stations of the Cross, starring Miranda Langley (left) John Perivolaris directs actress Miranda Langley on the set of Mona and the Stations of the Cross