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Friday, 24 June 2016

Time of the Month: The Story Behind the Story

Andrew McCormick, screenwriter of "Time of the Month"
Andrew McCormick
When asked what was the inspiration behind the screenplay for Time of the Month, Random Clock's upcoming comedy short film, the answer from the London-based screenwriting duo Andrew McCormick and Richard Webb was "a serendipitous meeting between opportunity, a chance sighting and a couple of strong ales."

Curious to know what a story behind a screenplay sounds like? Read what Andrew and Richard had to say below, and find out!

"It all started when Producer John Perivolaris approached us to write a simple script (2 people, 1 room) for Random Clock. We started by teasing out a few comedic thoughts about domestic disputes and how they escalate. Decamping to the local pub to lubricate those thoughts, Rich spotted a young couple at a corner table exchanging a few low-key unpleasantries over half-eaten meals. 

Richard Webb, screenwriter of "Time of the Month"
Richard Webb
It wasn’t the subject of their bickering that gave us our light-bulb moment - it was the couple themselves: the boyfriend sported a voluminous mane reminiscent of early Bon Jovi facing an industrial wind turbine; the girlfriend rocked a pallid, angular look that suggested irreversible anaemia and a dress-code darker than a Goth in a blackout. Just the inspiration we needed! Two pints and a packet of Bacon Fries later, we’d dreamed up a work-stressed lycanthrope, a stir-crazy vampire, a diabolical infant and a new take on the kind of domestic spat many of us have found ourselves clawing and hissing through at one time or another.

Who says you can’t find answers at the bottom of a glass?"

Time of the Month begins principal photography on July 22nd, 2016.