Random Clock Film Productions

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Music Composer Chris Belsey Joins the Crew of The Turtle Terminator

Chris Belsey, Music Composer of 1981 and Sinner for Two
Chris Belsey, Composer of 1981 and Sinner for Two.
Random Clock Films is proud to welcome Glasgow-based Music Composer Chris Belsey onboard its experimental short film production The Turtle Terminator.

Chris Belsey has worked on numerous film productions based around the world, from Living with Disabilities in Belarus, a 12-minute documentary produced by Sync or Swim Productions, to 48 Hour Film Projects 1981 and Sinner for Two, where he was tasked to compose a complete music score in just 24 hours.

"What attracted me to The Turtle Terminator is the challenge it presents me to as a composer; having to deliver a score that constantly conveys contrasting emotions, in well under three minutes." says Chris. "Furthermore, I find the overall concept of the film very intriguing."

The Turtle Terminator is currently in pre-production, with filming taking place in August and September this year. Stay tuned for more news by following us here, or on our official Facebook page!