Random Clock Film Productions

Monday, 25 July 2016

Time of the Month and its Bloodthirsty Leads

Emily Paterson
Stuart William Morrison
With Time of the Month, our upcoming comedy horror short film, about to begin principle photography, we decided this is the perfect time to introduce our two talented lead actors, who will be bringing the film's modern-day but timeless monsters to life!

Emily Paterson, whose film credits include Mind Trip and Stuck, has taken on the role of Jules, the harsh, fair but werewolf soulmate of a vampire. "The opportunity to portray domestic tensions of a relationship between a werewolf and a vampire appealed to my sense of humour." says Emily "I loved the script from the moment I read it!"

Stuart William Morrison, who starred in short films Guilt and Limbo, will portray Alan, the vampire other half of Jules. "I really wanted to get involved in Time of the Month, after reading the very funny and original script that came with it," says Stuart "I also knew I would make a good vampire, cause I have the teeth for it."

Time of the Month begins principal photography in late August this year. Keep up to date with our blood-ridden love story, either by following us here, or on our official Facebook page!