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Thursday, 29 September 2016

C.J. Lazaretti Wins Two Awards in Texas

Two awards in one festival, and he's not even a full-time director. If envy could kill, C.J. Lazaretti wouldn't be able to finish The Turtle Terminator for Random Clock.

As we said last month, C.J.'s directorial debut Cosmico was nominated for the Best Animated Film award at the 2016 Austin Revolution Film Festival. It won that one, plus the Audience Choice award for International Short.

C.J. Lazaretti's Cosmico won two awards at the 2016 Austin Revolution Film Festival
"My religious satire won two awards in the most conservative US state. I can die now," says C.J. "The value of a good festival for independent films like Cosmico cannot be overstated. I've long said there's no point in making a film if no one watches it. At a proper indie festival like ARFF, people watch your movie, talk to you about it and help you make the most of it, especially in terms of online publicity. The awards are great, but the most important achievement is the fact that your film is definitely out there, in front of a responsive, flesh-and-blood audience."

We couldn't be happier for C.J.'s good fortune in the international festival circuit (11 screenings and counting), or gladder for having him direct a Random Clock production. If he can get so many festival acceptances, awards and nominations for a short animation with a crew of two, imagine what he can do with two producers, a cast of 14 and the 12-strong crew we've got on board for The Turtle Terminator.

See C.J.'s official website for photos and details about the 2016 Austin Revolution Film Festival, including the awards. We understand one of them is a trophy shaped like a belt buckle. Wonder if he'll wear it…

(Photo credit: 512area.com)