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Sunday, 18 September 2016

Jo Osborne: the Director behind Time of the Month

Director & Screenwriter Jo Osborne
Director & Screenwriter Jo Osborne
Random Clock's upcoming short film Time of the Month is well underway, despite a few mishaps it has come across during its pre-production stage. As we speak, we're working meticulously on rehearsals, makeup tests and location prep. We've also been more than fortuitous with our cast and crew, a group of extremely talented and dedicated individuals, who've been with the production in both its highs and lows.

One of these versed professionals, tasked with bringing this grisly comedy to life, is Glasgow-based director and screenwriter Jo Osborne. Jo's tremendous ability to adapt, troubleshoot and best the tricky situations you expect to find in most film productions, is one of the main reasons why Time of the Month has kept going despite the misfortunes it has encountered so far.

This comes to no surprise, as Jo has extensive experience in working under pressure and tight deadlines. Back in 2015, Jo assembled a cast and crew for the 48 Hour Film Project, where a band of filmmakers are to write, shoot, edit and score a short film in just 48 hours(!) Jo Osborne and her team not only produced a film worth writing home about, but it was what made John Perivolaris, the producer behind Time of the Month, offer Jo the directorial helm of the project. "I was looking for a director to do Time of the Month for quite some time, but it was hard finding someone who could pull off both comedy and eeriness at the same time, to the same degree. I lost hope." says John. "Then, I came across Jo's 48 Hour Film Project entry, and after I was done laughing and holding my pained genitals (thanks to the film's twisted ending), I started asking around about who was behind this lurid and kinky movie I watched, already knowing I had found the director of Random Clock's next project."

The aforementioned dark, gruesome and hilarious 48 Hour Film is titled Sinner for Two, and is available to watch below.

Other film credits under Jo Osborne's name include Requital, a seven-minute thriller that will make you think twice about taking a bath again! The film is currently doing the festival circuit, and has been screened at GMAC Film's monthly screening event Café Flicker, in which it was picked as one of the three best films of the night by an audience vote.

When she was asked what made her decide to take on Time of the Month, Jo had this to say: "When I first read the film's script, I was instantly drawn to the characters and the unusual relationship between a vampire and a werewolf. My mind almost burst with a non-stop flow of ideas - I couldn't scribble them down fast enough!"

Time of the Month is in pre-production, with dates for principal photography to be announced later on this year. Stay tuned for more news; we have plenty on the way!